The Campaign of the WarRock is a story mode told by Different Cartoon Worlds involved in a War

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Lore Edit

5 Cartoon Worlds. in a differented conflict full of intense warfare. Most of the Cartoon Characters know how to carry guns and weapons. blazing around the battlefields on the Derbaran Country and the world.

The Campaign Trail Edit

A Grand Tutorial Edit

A new soldier is a fresh recruit from the Camp. joins the Warfare and meets Various cartoon Characters which he will allies with it.

Maps Edit

  • Training Camp- Basics

Paw Patrol: Pups and the WarRock: Variant 2 Edit

Carlos and Tracker are at the crater to explore the WarRock. just as then a meteor is at the bottom on the Crater. just as then The Paw Patrol are getting involved themselves in a war Again... this time keep the Project and Explore what's behind it.

Maps Edit

  • Thamugadi= An Early Participation
  • Marien=Ryder's Battle Part
  • Xauen=Battle on the Consite
  • Velruf=
  • Bloc=
  • Blue Storm=
  • Kalyedos=
  • Cadoro=
  • Zero Point=
  • Cloud Forest=
  • Bio Lab=