The Care bear path has been brought on the WArRock FanSite.

Plot Edit

When Captain Jake Dissolves his allegiance with Tenderheart Bear. the War Began. Commander Leo Joins the war. but at the End They Win.

Paths Edit

Nelvana path Edit

  1. No Heart's Attack- Win Siege War as NIU.
  2. Defend Baby Hugs and Tugs- At Cadoro Win as Derbaran
  3. The Grand Assault= Win a 300 kill in a 40min match on Thamugadi
  4. Khali Conference- As the NIU win a 9 round match on Khali
  5. Champ's Team= Win 3 maps in a row of your choice

Adventures in Care A Lot PathEdit

  1. Grumpy the Inventor- Repair 100 vehicles
  2. Mckeena Helps- Heal 100 allies
  3. Funshine's Blaster Pistol- Get 50 pistol kills as assault

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