The Little EInsteins path made by ADMIRAL CHEN.

Plot Edit

When commanders Tenderheart and Captain Jake alerted Leo's Arrival that he Holds the WaRRock project. the Commanders decided to Settle their Differences later and Join Forces to Take out the Einsteins Team.

Path Edit

FireBird Path Edit

  1. Rambo- Survive 5 waves of Zombies in Hard Difficulty
  2. Leo's Escapade- Win 3 in a row 1 map each: Cadoro, Banish Garden, Marien
  3. FireBird Feather- Use high powered firearms to win at Xauen
  4. Face-OFF Quincy!- Kill at Least 1 heavy trooper at an Explosive Map ModernHouse
  5. WARROCK DEFENDERS- As the NIU. Complete a Mission in Siege war

Ace For Space! Edit

  1. Rush Up!- Kill at least 2 enemies using an Assault Trooper
  2. Outer Space- Destroy an Enemy Boat
  3. Float Kill- Kill at least one Mid Air Enemy
  4. Rocket Flyer- Kill at least 3 enemies riding A Rafale Aircraft
  5. Ace Pilot- Win a rounds on Engrene or Counturas

Mission: Celebrate Killing Edit

  1. YAHOO!- Get the Last kill of the Round
  2. Party time- Invite your Clan mates and Win A Clan War.
  3. FireWorks!- Kill an enemy using the Grenade.
  4. Entry Gift- Get at least 4 Daily Boxes
  5. Happy Bday- Spend at least 4,000 dinar

Fight of the Instrument Faction Edit

  1. RPG Genocide- Use Panzerfaust and destroy 150 zombies
  2. Chackram Kill- Use a grenade to escape the zombies around you at least 4 times.
  3. Adrenaline Payer!- use adrenaline at least 5 time before the battle begins.
  4. Periscoped!- Kill an enemy sniper using the zoomed M24 Sniper Rifle.
  5. Princess Escorted- Kill a enemy Medic while healing an enemy ally

Winter's Wish Edit

  1. Snowball!- kill an enemy using a grenade
  2. Destroy Chug Patrol- As an NIU defeat the Derbaran in 150 kill at Nerbil
  3. The Wish Box- Open a Mystery crate
  4. Winter Zero- Win a match in Zero Point.
  5. Have a snow day- Play Blue storm 3 times.

Animal Extermination Edit

  1. Mustang Hunter- Snipe at least 5 enemies while defending the station at Mustang
  2. Survivor- Kill 100 zombies in Day 1
  3. Safari Killer- Win a round at Cloud Forest
  4. Safari Hunter- Kill an Enemy without being noticed
  5. Hunter Map COmpleted!= Win 3 maps one maps: Mustang, Cloud Forest, Emblem

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