A New Path Blooms for a Soldier Who Wants to Be a Pirate


A soldier from the Ashes

Plot Edit

When Captain Jake Renounced their Alliance With Tenderheart the War Begans when he Raised a Blue Flag with a Derbaran Jolly Roger with Two Mountains. But When the Instrument Faction Shown up they decide to Join Forces Temporarily with the Care Force to Form The NEVERLand CARE FORCE. When they Take Down the Instrument Faction. the WarRock Project will have a fate Who to keep it.

Quests Edit

Season 1= The New PirateEdit

  1. Ahoy Matey!= Get at least 5 wins as level 1
  2. Facing the Jolly Roger= Capture the Lighthouse base and Drive the Hamina at Disturm
  3. Cubby the Scout- Kill 5 enemies using M24 sniper as Sniper
  4. Izzy the Medic- Heal yourself and your 2 allies using the Medic_Kit and Box
  5. Jake the Assault- Kill 10 enemies as an assault

Season 2= Gaining Expert Edit

  1. Ahoy Ally!= as medic Get at least 3 kills and heal yourself and your ally
  2. Item Package= Get at least 3 assault, medic and engineer rifles from the item shop and equip it.
  3. Entrustor= Get at least 15 assist kills.
  4. Sea witch's Chariot- Kill at least 3 chariots on Blind Bullet Hard
  5. Corp Leader=Take The Lead on a 12v12 match.

Season 3= Road to Hero Edit

  1. Scaredy Jake= Get at least 2 kills from long range using K2
  2. Hideout is Breached=
  3. Monkey Pirate Jake= Kill an Assault 4 times
  4. Book is retrieved= Capture at least 5 bases on Counturas
  5. CAPTAINS UNITE!= Use all units in order Engineer to Heavy Trooper.

Season 4= Captains rank Edit

  1. Heat blast!= kill at least 3 persons in one match using a grenade
  2. Naval Land Assault= land an MKV and attack the enemies on oddesey
  3. A fight of Honor= Win at least 2 times in a 2v2 match
  4. Help Captain Hook!= get at least 4 assist kills
  5. Chillyzack arrives= Win at least 1 game on zero point

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