The New Path is Arise in honor of the Paw Patrol

About Edit

Ryder and the Paw Patrol are Playing WarRock on the Computer. but when Ryder and the Pups activated a secret program known as: XWarRockX. They were teleported into the Computer and with Glaz teachings and their Experience during the Cartoon wars they will Work together to end the War.

Path Edit

Character Edit

  1. Ryder- Kill 60 enemies as Assault
  2. Marshall- Kill 20 Enemies as Medic
  3. Skye- Kill 20 enemies as Sniper
  4. Chase- Kill 150 enemies as assault
  5. Rocky- Kill 30 Enemies as Engineer
  6. Rubble- Kill 60 Enemies as Engineer
  7. Zuma- Kill 150 enemies as Engineer
  8. Everest- Kill 30 Enemies as Heavy Trooper
  9. Tracker- Kill 150 Enemies as Sniper
  10. Racked Up!- Get 670 Kills as Any Classes

Job Edit

  1. Commander- Reach the 3 diamond Rank
  2. Anti-Air Marshall- Kill 50 Enemies using Stinger
  3. Substitute unit- Get 200 Kills as Engineer
  4. A Good Engineer- Repair 50 Vehicles using spanner
  5. Naval Commando- Win a match, 300 kill on Oddessey
  6. Sniper- Win a Match using Tokarev_Sniper

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