The Path to Explorer is a new gaming path

About Edit

Lore Edit

After the Remnants of the Derbaran Pirates ends. they rise again along with the Alliance of OVERWATCH. now to find the war pieces the Caring force form allegiance with Dora and the Exploring Team to Form the CaringExplorers. Three paths will spawn after the Path of the Allied Forces

Paths Edit

Butterfly Path Edit

  1. Flying kill- While you're jumping kill at least 2 enemies
  2. Blow,blow.... Fire!- Get at least 5 headshots using a sniper rifle
  3. Dogfight engaged!- Kill 50 enemies using a rafale aircraft
  4. A Cold tunnel- Win a deathmatch at ColdCave
  5. Headshot!= get a first kill and headshot at the same time.

Royal Duel Edit

  1. Defend the King- Across Multiple Rounds in a match Don't kill the top player of your team at the final round: 5
  2. Prince of the Sea- push 500 enemies using your water ball gun
  3. Princess Medic- Heal 5 allies at an 8v8 deathmatch
  4. King Assault- Kill 10 enemies in a 7 round match at 4v4 battle explosive.
  5. Frontline Defended.- As NIU win a match at Alberon

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