This is the new WarRock Fanon Weapon Packs this will last for 15 days. Fan-fiction



During the War The Paw Patrol managed to know how to handle weapons. and start to aid the NIU on the Fronts across the world. Ryder and Glaz manufactured along with the Team Rainbow. They gained powerful weapons to aid in combat

List of weapons

Ryder= Assault Pack

  1. M4A1_Chrome
  2. MP5K_Silver
  3. 5th Slot
  4. Ryder_Assault Skin

Chase= Scout Pack

  1. AK47_Blaze
  2. M60_Gold
  3. 5th Slot
  4. VSS_Red
  5. Chase_Assault Skin

Marshall= Medic

  1. PP2000_Red
  2. Medic Box
  3. MP5K_Aqua
  4. Franz_Marshall

Skye= Scout

  1. VSS_Pink
  2. MP7A1_Pink
  3. Veronica_Helmet

Rocky= Engineer

  1. MP7A1
  2. Vector_Red
  3. Bizon
  4. Sk2 Veresk_Dual
  5. Breacher_Rocky Skin

Zuma= Assault- Heavy Pack

  1. AK47_Dual
  2. M60_Gold
  3. M201_Chrome
  4. M4A1_Dessert
  5. Caine_Zuma

Tracker- Sniper

  1. AW50F_Dessert
  2. FMG9_Dual
  3. Cables
  4. Tracker_Ghrillie Suit

Danny X- Close Combateer

  1. Sword
  2. Throwing Knives
  3. MPX
  4. MP5SK_Blight

Alex- Assault- Scout

  1. XM8_Lightning
  2. VSS_Aqua
  3. MP5K_Bronze

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