The Creators Faction was formed by the FunLeoJake123 from the WarRock Philippines


Top to bottom: 8 players fight for the WarRock Project

Types Edit


Derbaran Faction

  • Engineer:Tendeheart
  • Medic:Cheer bear
  • Sniper: Secret bear
  • Assualt: Funshine bear
  • Heavy weapons: Grumpy bear


  • Engineer= Carmine
  • Medic= June
  • Sniper- Annie
  • Assualt= Leo
  • Heavy trooper= Quincy

Neutral: FFA - All

First Class- 5 units

  • Engineer=Amigo, Quincy Cubby
  • Medic=Cheer, Annie. Izzy
  • Scout=June, Share, Skully
  • Combotant=FunLeoJake
  • Heavy weapons=Grumpy, Flynn, Carmine

Weapon Packs:

  • Leo Knight- AK47_Pink, Duffle bag, AW50F_Camo
  • Quincy Knight- RPG7_Gold, T-Bomb(15 days) Barreta_D
  • Defence Corp- K1, Famas_Gold, AK47_Pink
  • Jake Pack- Stiletto, Sig550, UZI, Micro_Uzi

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